Boxing Resource Center

Boxing Resource Center is a non-profit, tax-exempt, 501.c(3), organization dedicated to training youth and adults in the science and art of Olympic-style (amateur) boxing.

About Us

Our mission is to empower youth and adults to enhance their lives, improve their physical and mental health, and engage with the community, one punch at a time.

BRC was founded and granted nonprofit status in 2002, on the pillars of training, education outreach, research, and program design. The goal was to create an amateur boxing club that would encourage participants of any age, race, class, gender, or training goal — whether for competition or fitness — to reach their full potential.

Coach Halbert knew first-hand the benefits of boxing training, including the physical benefits of developing strength and fitness, the mental benefits of facing challenges in training and competition, and the social benefits of training in a diverse atmosphere in a sport traditionally attractive to the most marginalized and counted “out.”

BRC encourages boxers inside and outside the ropes, particularly in educational pursuits.
In just a few years, Boxing Resource Center’s programs have brought together a growing group of volunteers who desire to make a difference in the lives of marginalized young people within the community, because research shows sport participation within diverse climates leads to improved fitness, self-esteem, mutual respect, and improved classroom outcomes.

We build community and make a positive difference in people’s lives.


Our training facility, called FIGHTERS, is located in west Nashville. We offer non-contact and contact training for people of all ages. Your membership helps us pay our facility and community program expenses. Training times and options can be found at

Words we train by…
Best Effort, Scholarship, Integrity, Civility, Teamwork, Discipline, Leadership, Fun

Some of our Innovative Programs


To donate by mail, your check, made payable to Boxing Resource Center, can be sent to us at:
BRC Fighters 405 42nd Ave. N. Nashville, TN 37209



We’re always in need of people who’d like to learn how to become an official, and serve in that capacity at boxing events. No experience necessary. USA Boxing membership required.


BRC hosts several events each year, so we’re always looking for help with registration, concessions, event setup, and committee roles. We also have general administrative and facility needs if you have a interest in organizational assistance.


Sponsorships and donations help sustain our mission. Let us know if you’re business is interested in helping support our daily work or any of our festival or competition events.



I love giving it my all. I try to get better every day.

Russell, 18,



The BRC College Boxing Club makes it easy by bringing us all together so we can push each other to new heights.


Medical student


Everyone here is so supportive. At BRC, even after beating the snot out of each other, everyone’s still friends.

Cole, 17,

High School student


Boxing teaches you life lessons. It teaches you to move forward in life and to get back up, no matter how hard life hits you.

Larry, 21,



Coach pushes me to get better. I know she believes in me.

AJ, 15,



I’m grateful to be a boxer.

Christa, 20,

College student

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Boxing Resource Center is a member club (#453) in good standing with USA Boxing, and the Southeastern Association of USA Boxing