Boxing Experientials at Boxing Resource Center Fighters

Our Corporate Boxing Experientials are open to teams and groups across all industries who want to bond their group through a fun, fast-paced, and unique event.  With over 20 years experience in facilitating group learning through non-contact boxing, our specialty is building community among groups of individuals within an authentic boxing experience.

We customize each event to meet the needs of your specific group, and to create a fun and new experience for all members. Gloves and state-of-the-art equipment are provided. No previous boxing skills or fitness level is required.

At BRC Fighters, our hands-on corporate events give back to the community by funding our outreach events and after-school programming for low-income youth. Become part of programming that has benefited the Middle Tennessee community since BRC was founded in 2001.

We craft activities in line with your expectations and goals. Whether you’re looking to: strengthen relationships,build trust, show and earn respect, or emphasize important work concepts like
* leadership through high-pressure,
* stress-management,
* effective communication,
* overcoming adversity,
* fostering high performance, or
* building personal resiliency,
we have experience customizing events to suit any need or industry.

When you reach out to the team-building professionals at BRC Fighters, you can be sure that our world-class coaches will give you options to that builds collective memories, and capacity to share using pictures, videos, or telling stories.  Our Experientials can be tailored to best fit your needs, from one-hour to four-hour events.

Contact our coaches to discuss your event and book an experience that packs a punch!

A few questions you’ll be asked when you inquire about a Boxing Experiential at BRC Fighters:
* Which day and time do you have in mind?
* How many participants?  What are their ages?
* Do you need to rent the gym for additional programming before/after?
* Are you also interested in an expert facilitator for deep debriefing afterwards?

A few answers to common questions:
Which boxing activities do we participate in?
The composition of the experience depends on the theme as identified by your organization’s team leader.

Will there be time to take photos?
Yes, photos are encouraged!  We can also arrange to take photos and videos to create a social media-ready package.

What if we aren’t a very athletic group?
Our boxing experientials are non-contact, and we tailor activities to meet the needs of everyone in the group so everyone has a good time, regardless of their fitness level.

What if our group is a mix of couch potatoes and really athletic people?
 That’s great. We tailor events so everyone feels successful, regardless of their fitness level.

Can you work with sport teams?
Yes, the experience will be made more physically challenging for athletic groups. We’ve had success with professional, college, high school, and middle school sport teams, both in and out of season.

Do you all have training for groups (outside of corporate training) as a group enrichment activity?
Yes, we regularly offer fun lesson/workouts for small groups, like families, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, school classes, among others. Often these are one-time adventures, and sometimes they are scheduled over multiple sessions. Contact us for more information about small-group training.